Company Profile

Core Plumbing is a full plumbing, mechanical, heating & drain service company specializing in plumbing services, bathroom and kitchen renovations and waterproofing. We provide Residential, Commercial and Multi-Family Housing services. Our company is family owned and operated in Toronto with over 35 years of experience in the plumbing industry.

Over the years we have progressed in our success with professionalism, integrity, honesty and our dedication to taking pride in our workmanship. With dedication and confidence, we guarantee our workmanship and materials. For your convenience, we offer 24 hour emergency service and for your protection we are fully insured and have a staff made up of licensed and experienced technician plumbers.

The difference between Core and the other plumbers serving Toronto is the personal care we take in our customer and their home. On top of providing the highest level of professional service, we make sure to provide advice about the selection and installation of all major components, fixtures, and systems. We always to look to the future in quality and reliability for you. And we always look to the best in value and performance!